Cleaning Services

Our Carpet, Furniture & Floor Cleaning Services:

  • Carpet, Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning, Odor Removal
  • Furniture & Drapery Cleaning
  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Tile, Grout and Marble Cleaning
  • Wood Floor Cleaning


Cleaning Services


Carpet, Area & Oriental Rug Cleaning, Odor Removal 

Has it been a while since the carpets in your home were thoroughly cleaned and deodorized?

We’ll clean and deodorize the entire carpet to remove odors from pets, kids, or frequent use. We’ll leave your home fresh and smelling great, so you’re ready for entertaining or guests!

Carpet is a big investment in a home, so don’t just trust anyone with the care of your carpet; be sure you call a licensed professional like Gulf Coast Carpet Cleaning Services in Venice, Florida. Our technicians are highly trained and experienced in cleaning all types of carpets, area rugs, Orientals and specialty rugs. For large and small area and oriental rugs, we pickup and deliver or you can drop off at our cleaning plant.


Carpet Cleaning for Residential Rentals

The carpets in apartment complexes and rental homes can really take a beating – and when someone moves in or out, it’s often time for some carpet refreshing. Our carpet cleaning service handles residential rental carpet cleaning nearly anywhere in Sarasota and Charlotte County. Count on us to freshen up your rental home’s carpets anytime!





Commercial Carpet Cleaning

The carpets in office buildings and other businesses need regular cleanings to help you make the best impression for your clients and visitors. As a general rule, those commercial spaces get far more foot traffic – and wear and tear – than residential carpets. Take the hassle of scheduling that regular chore off your plate. Our carpet cleaning service can include doing regularly – scheduled cleanings at your commercial space – giving you the peace of mind that your building stays well-maintained, without having to stop and schedule the service every single time.



Furniture Cleaning

Our technicians are trained to clean your furniture with the utmost care. We also specialize in your harder to handle fabrics such as silk, satin, crushed velvet, Haitian cotton and leather.







Drapery Cleaning

Bare windows are never an embarrassment with our in home drapery cleaning service. Your drapes, sheers and vertical blinds are all meticulously cleaned by hand where the hang. You’ll be amazed at how bright and clean we can make your window treatments!






Air Duct Cleaning

Are dust and allergies a continuous problem? Bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi are everywhere in our everyday environment.

Let us clean your air ducts with our rotobrush system. It will sweep and vacuum the insides of your air ducts at the same time, removing all the unseen dirt which cause problems.





Tile, Grout and Marble Cleaning

Does the grout on your tile floor need some perking up? Since more and more homes in Florida are using ceramic tile and marble flooring, the need for a professional technique is demanded.

Our technicians are trained to clean your tile and grout using a high pressure system designed to get all the crevices clean of debris, and restore your tile to your satisfaction.





We also provide complimentary shoe covers so you can use your cleaned are immediately.